(Cape and Hartmann mountain zebra races)

Regional Names

Afrikaans: Damaraland / Kaapse Bergkwagga French: Zèbre de montagne de Hartmann
German: Hartmann-Bergzebra Portuguese: Montana zebra
Nama: !Hom Shangaan: Manwa
Sotho: Qwaha ya thaba Spanish: Cebra de Montaña Hartmann
Shona: Mbizi Swahili: Punda milia
Tswana: Pitsi ya naga Xhosa: iDauwa
Zulu: iZebra laseqintabeni
Average Body Dimensions Trophy Dimensions
Average male mass: 650 lb (300 kg) Rowland Ward Minimum: n/a
Average shoulder height 4.9’ (1,50m) Rowland Ward Record: n/a
Spoor size front: 3.9” (100mm) SCI Minimum (Rifle): n/a
Spoor size rear: 3.9” (100mm) SCI Minimum (Bow): n/a


The Hartmann race is indigenous to the Namibian escarpment and adjacent plateau from the Orange River in the south right up to where the Kunene River separates it from Angola. The slightly smaller Cape mountain zebra’s natural region stretches eastwards along the Cape Folded mountain belt from almost Cape Town in the Western Province to about Queenstown in the Eastern Province.


Breeding units consist of a stallion, 3 – 5 mares and their fairly recent offspring. Stallions without harem groups form bachelor groups that may even include young mares and foals. Harem holding stallions are not territorial, but defend mares against the attentions of other non-submissive stallions.

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Hunting tips

Glassing from vantage points is about the best approach if not accompanied by a regional hunter who can provide movement information. Expect shots ranging from 150 – 300 yards (140 – 275 metres).

Sexual Dimorphism

Males may be of heavier built than females.

Habitat & Food

Although generally associated with rugged mountain terrain, they do frequently graze on adjacent plateaux.

Rifle and Cartridge Recommendations

Bolt Action Rifles: Any accurate bolt action rifle will do.
Double Rifles: Not recommended.
Single Shot Rifles: No problem.
Bullets: Opt for low ballistic coefficient premium jacketed-, solid-shank-, bonded core or monometal bullets.
Typical Cartridges: Magnum velocity cartridges are recommended.
7mm Magnums 175-gr bullets
.300 Magnums 200-gr bullets
8 x 68mm & Remington Mag 200-gr bullets
.338 Magnums 225-gr bullets
.35 Magnums 250-gr bullets
.375 high velocity magnums 270-gr bullets

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