The beauty of Niassa

Paul Stones, a professional hunter in Niassa, shares his knowledge of the area.


Niassa, in Northern Mozambique, is a part of Africa that is unequivocally the “New, OLD East Africa”. From unspoilt habitat, tented camps, and excellent numbers of game, this is an escape back to years gone by.

For those who seek wilderness, for those who still hope to find big buffalo, Niassa is the place to be. The variety of Niassa’s plains is unmatched in many parts of Africa, and there is a leopard population that is beyond compare. Roosevelt’s sable, Boehm’s zebra, Niassa and Johnson’s impala are some of the endemic species that abound. The sixth-largest lion population in Africa is found here, and the sighting of wild dog is a occurrence. If this is your desire, then Niassa Game Reserve L7 will be your destination of choice.

For scenic Africa, the Lugenda River offers something so very special. A biome of miombo woodland, one of the largest in the world, covers half of the reserve; the rest of the area is made up of open savanna, wetlands and riverine habitat. Huge granite monoliths known as inselbergs tower above one of the most beautiful areas on the continent.

Experience the mystery and romance of a forgotten by many. Discover relics of German occupation prior to and during the First World War. Lemon tree groves along the water courses leading into the Lugenda River en route to Zanzibar, are a reminder of the evil slave trade that once proliferated in this region. For those who seek the Hemingwayesque escape from reality and wish to immerse themselves in something that at one was thought to no longer exist, Niassa Reserve L7 offers this incredible experience of an Africa that not only once was – but still is.