Taxidermist profile: Safari Taxidermy


Contact (Owner/Manager): NW Ligthelm

Physical Address: 47 Goud Street Laboria 0700 Polokwane

Tel Office: 015 293 2674/5 Mobile: 083 233 7505

Contact Email: Website:

Tell us a little about your operation
I am in the fortunate position to combine my passion for hunting together with my talents for taxidermy work. I started hunting when I was nine years old and have grown into a very keen and ethical trophy hunter, naturalist and conservationist. Taxidermy for me started in 2000 when I had the opportunity to start working for Piet and Marlene Smit from whom I bought the business.

How many years in business?
Safari Taxidermy has been in business for 42 years.

What are your favorite mounts and why?
For us each mount is a favourite and is treated with special care.

Current processes offered
Pick up and collect trophies: Yes
Maximum distance offered to collect trophies: no distance limit – we collect anywhere
Own tanning facilities: No – we send to a tannery
Do you buy in forms or sculpt your own: Both

Delivery time (approximate)
Dip and Pack:3 months, provided that all export documentation is in order
Fully Processed Trophies: 12 months, provided that all export documentation is in order

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