It is probably important to choose a Tanzanian safari as much by area and game available as by outfitter.

In the north, in the Masailand concessions: lesser kudu, gerenuk, fringe-eared oryx, Coke’s hartebeest, white-bearded wildebeest, Kirk’s dik-dik, Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelle,all highly prized local rarities. Greater kudu and eland are present, but generally uncommon. Masailand is also famous for big buffalo, though movement to and from the parks is somewhat seasonal.

The central Rungwa region has few East African species, compensating with sable and roan, very good lion, and large numbers of buffalo. Greater kudu and eland are much more plentiful. Westwards add topi and localized populations of sitatunga. The Selous Reserve is primarily a reservoir for dangerous game, with huge herds of buffalo, a large population of elephant, and plenty of lion and leopard. Selous lions aren’t known for big manes, but there are exceptions. (A ‘legal’ lion must be six years old). The Selous holds a very good variety of plains game, with fantastic East African eland, Nyasaland wildebeest and the smaller Roosevelt sable. West from the Selous are some puku and Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, and on the Ruvuma are exceptional greater kudu and superb elephant hunting with a chance for heavier ivory.

Tanzania offers the most traditional of safaris, but is an expensive hunting destination. Roads are terrible, so travelling may take days, and air charters are expensive, adding cost. Licence fees have gone up considerably, and will probably continue to go up

Established: 1964 (Joining Tanganyika and Zanzibar)
Formerly: German East Africa, Tanganyika
Area: 945,087 km²
Population: 41,048, 352 (2009)
Primary Access: Commercial air, Arusha and Dar es Salaam; road and charter to hunting areas.
Elevation: Low: Sea level (Indian Ocean)
High: 5895 m (Kilimanjaro)
Language: English (official)
Currency: Tanzanian Shilling (TZS) – 1 TZS = .00077 U.S. Dollar (July 2009)
Hunting Season: July-December (many areas not accessible beyond early November)
Firearms Permit: Required in advance (outfitter will assist).

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