SCI Canada Stands Up For Hunting


SCI Canada Stands Up For Hunting
Will 2017 be the year that hunters stand together, regain public awareness and support, and take on the anti-hunting organizations that profit from their attacks on us?

The awakening of larger, better funded, less informed anti-hunting protests that followed the Cecil affair has taken a dramatic toll on the perception of hunters and hunting in Canada, the United States, Europe, and elsewhere.

We’ve seen in Calgary the impact misinformed protesters had on the African Events show, which is a critical connection point for outfitters in Africa and potential safari-goers in Canada, with threats being made against the organizers, venues, exhibitors and show attendees.

Anti-hunting groups are organizing campaigns against domestic hunting as well, and in doing so are risking the very conservation programs they purport to be concerned about.

SCI-Calgary has decided to do something about it, and has recently launched an initiative called the ‘United Hunters Fund’ which will bring hunters and resources together to dispel anti-hunting rhetoric and deliver a strong, positive and diverse message that is favourable to hunting.

The United Hunters Fund has been designed to be a nimble, largely digital effort to positively educate non-hunters, counter the attacks made by professional anti-hunting activists, and provide a greater understanding of the role hunting plays in Conservation, protecting important wildlife ecosystems and providing sustenance by way of money and food for those communities involved in hunting.

While the initiative has been created in Canada, it is our intention to work with supporters across the English-speaking world, wherever they are found, to promote hunting in all regions where the United Hunters Fund has hunters who will engage with us.

It is important for hunters to band together and share our collective story and the role we play in protecting wildlife populations around the world.

We have been portrayed negatively for too long, and SCI Canada and our partners in this have decided that 2017 is the year we organize a positive, proactive awareness campaign in defense of hunting.

We are asking all hunters to join our mailing list and do what they can to support our efforts by participating in digital media campaigns, donating funds, helping us raise funds, and spreading the word.

You can learn more about the United Hunters Fund at Please sign up to our mailing list, so we can keep you and your local hunting community informed of our efforts as they continue to roll out.

David A. Little

President, Calgary Alberta Chapter of SCI