As you know, I’ve spent a lot of time in Africa over the last 40 years. It is absolutely impossible to recapture the wonder and excitement of one’s first African safari. The closest you can ever come is to share another hunter’s first African experience. I’ve been able to do that with family, friends, and, through various hunt donations, perfect strangers.

Continent-wide, about 20,000 hunters annually embark on an African hunting safari, many for the first time…and many others “stepping up” to a first dangerous game safari. An odd phenomenon that I’ve observed is that all too many hunters are not fully prepared for African hunting and, similarly, initial plains game experience doesn’t fully prepare one for dangerous game. The great literature of Africana (past and present), and much of the good video being done today, does a pretty good job of capturing the romance and excitement of African hunting…but doesn’t do nearly as well in actually preparing hunters for the conditions and situations they will encounter on safari.

We partnered with Kalkomey Enterprises, the largest producer of approved on-line hunting and outdoor safety programs to create Safari-Ed. Although firearms and other safety precautions on safari are an important part of the courses, they are designed as comprehensive safari preparation, including shooting tips, expectations of the outfitter, professional hunter, and staff, and even packing and travel tips.

Please take a look…I’ll be grateful if you can pass it along!

Educational Program