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Africa is one of the few hunting destinations in the world that still offers an abundance of wildlife and an incomparable diversity of species to every hunter. An African safari often is the highlight of a hunting career, a journey for which many a hunter has waited for a lifetime.

When this dream finally comes true, everything should be perfect. The correct time and hunting area, an outfitter with a good reputation, a trustworthy professional hunter, all the right equipment… everything needs to be prepared properly to make the endeavour a success. At the end, everybody wants to come home with memories of Africa and its cultures and wildlife – but above all, anecdotes of an unforgettable hunt and a bag of trophies. To make an African safari enjoyable and successful, every hunter should know the basics about the species he or she is going to hunt. Natie Oelofse (N.D. Nat. Cons.), field manager of two of the premium hunting companies in Africa today, Wengert Windrose Safaris (WWS) and Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris (TGTS) in Tanzania, and Wayne Hendry (N.D. Nat. Cons.), professional hunter with WWS and TGTS, have thus decided to put a together a book that is tailored for the needs of the hunter. It will be small enough to take to the field, yet will contain all the information necessary to prepare the hunter for his / her hunt in Africa. Their knowledge, experience, and field research is captured in this book. The species are introduced briefly, including hints important for the hunter. The main focus is on the relevant anatomy of the animals. This is very important for correct shot placement, especially as they differ surprisingly from similar-looking species in other parts of the world. Every possible shooting angle is described and pictured, with the aim to show the hunter the ideal bullet placement in the biggest killing zone that allows for the largest margin of error. This includes, which is crucial but in literature seldom mentioned, NO-shot situations. To conclude is a summary on recommended firearms and calibres, as well as some valuable notes. As true hunters are true conservationists, they owe a quick and clean kill to the animals they have the privilege of harvesting – may this booklet provide you with the necessary insight to achieve this.

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