Photographer Profile: Drew Butterwick


In the spring of 1998, Drew Butterwick made the move from his native mountain state of Colorado, to the brushy desert of South Texas. He was recruited to be the new Marketing & Sales Manager for a major outdoor conglomerate, which at the time was the largest company of its kind on the globe. In his first few months, between creating new brochures, website and sales handbook, Drew quickly jumped into hands-on travel as well. He made dozens of trips to Mexico, with site visits and familiarization trips to Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, and Alaska just to start.

In 2000, Drew made his second trip to South Africa, to join up with the legendary Paul Ferriera, who was busy creating a massive conservancy, known as Tswalu, in the Kalahari. Paul “got the sands of Africa” on Drew’s boots, which kicked off a 20-year run of the wild and the world, accumulating nearly two years of time, navigating the African continent.

Professionally, Drew’s background has included finance, video and television, mortgage brokerage and the operation of several high-end lodges. He has created campaigns for resorts and lodges from Alaska to Argentina, and New Zealand, and he has stamped his passport in 34 countries. His clientele has included executives of Fortune 500 companies, heads of state, a slew of Billionaires and a handful of Royal elite.

Drew has recently moved from the operational and sales side of the outdoor industry, to focus primarily on Wildlife Photography and Photo Tours. He’s taken his experiences, with both the grand pitfalls and the successful journeys and has combined this knowledge to both create a unique wildlife print portfolio, and safari touring business. At this juncture, the outdoors has become his true home and the majority of his days are spent afield, where his passion lies, alongside other outdoor enthusiasts, with his Sony camera and big glass in tow.