New Equipment & Accessories {Bulletin – July 2013}


Bushnell First Strike Reflex

Teslecopes ousted iron sights. These days reflex (red dot) sights are gaining ground on tactical and dangerous rifles. Although reflex sights date back to the 1901 patent by Sir Howard Grubb, they only really began coming into their own when the Swedish company Aimpoint introduced the first reflex sights for shoulder-fired weapons in 1975.

Reflex sights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bushnell recently introduced its latest compact -screentype reflex called the First Strike. It weighs 61 grams and is barely 62mm long and offers an unlimited field of and infinite eye relief. It is extremely suitable for use in jungle or against dangerous game. It self-regulates dot brightness according to light conditions and is shock- and waterproof. The only shortcoming is a 5 MOA-size red dot, which means that one cannot count on tighter than 5” (127mm) groups at 100 yards, but it is perfectly suited to fast shots across ranges below 50 yards. The exchange rate-dependent suggested retail price is around R 2,800.