The country may never return to the paradise of the 1960s, but her wildlife is now recovering very quickly. Many areas today must be considered extremely good, offering some of the best and most affordable sable hunting, the best opportunity for ‘free range, native range’ nyala, excellent and affordable buffalo hunting, pretty good opportunities for lion and leopard, and a wide variety of other species: huge waterbuck, the largest Chobe bushbuck, fine reedbuck, big kudu, and is ‘the’ place to hunt difficult little rarities like suni, red duiker, and Sharpe’s grysbok. Warthog and bushpig are plentiful, the latter often encountered in daylight. Hippo and crocodile are found in good numbers in most of the rivers. The elephant herd remains large and well distributed but quota is conservative and some very large tuskers have been taken in recent seasons. However, Americans are not allowed to import ivory from Mozambique, and it is very uncertain when—or if—this will change. Hunting is conducted in tribal lands, government concessions called ‘coutadas’ and, in a few cases, on private land. The most developed hunting areas are probably in the central region along the Zambezi, but there is also good hunting in the south, and several good outfitters are now operating in the far north in and around the huge Niassa Game Reserve. Available species vary from one area to another. The big coutadas south of the Zambezi mouth, for instance, have Lichtenstein’s hartebeest and both suni and red duiker are plentiful—but kudu are strangely absent. Sable are widespread and in some areas very common. Nyala, found south of the Zambezi, are not plentiful but rebuilding nicely. The degree of recovery varies from area to area, but in general Mozambique’s game is doing well, reflected in high success on good trophies, with game quotas slowly increasing.

Established: 1991 as Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Formerly: Portuguese East Africa
Area: 784,089 km²
Population: 21,669,278 (2009)
Primary Access: Commercial air, Maputo and Beira; by road from South Africa and Zimbabwe; air charter required to many hunting areas.
Elevation: Low: Sea level (Indian Ocean)
High: 2436 m (Monte Binga)
Language: Portuguese (official)
Currency: Mozambique Metical (MZN).
1 MZN = .038 U.S. Dollar (July 2009)
Hunting Season: Generally June-November, but many coastal areas are not accessible until well after the rains end.
Firearms Permit: Required in advance (outfitter will arrange).

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