Mayo Oldiri Safaris

Experience true African wilderness in forest and savannah

Hunt in the wild African rain forest, get surprised by elephants and gorillas, or follow the tracks of the majestic Lord Derby eland in the savannah. Go for a unique and unforgettable experience with Mayo Oldiri, the leader in Cameroon hunting!

Since 1997, we have been offering outstanding for species that you can only find in very few countries throughout Africa! We are the biggest company in Cameroon with more than one hectares of area. Therefore, we have more trophies and can provide better success than anybody else, as hunters can move from one area to another during their safari, looking for the best opportunities.

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Contact: Raquel Reguera

Contact: Silvia Reguera

Contact: Robiel Alvarez


Experience true African wilderness in savannah & forest Cameroon with the largest company there (more than 1 hectare of area). We have more trophies & can provide better success than anybody else, as hunters can move from one area to another one during their safari, looking for the best opportunities. We have100% success in LD eland & bongo from many years. Since 1997 we have been offering species that you can only find in very few countries through Africa. We run an active anti-poaching program in a committed collaboration with the authorities and National Parks.

Terrain & Vegetation

Savannah and rain forest

Location # 1

North and South Cameroon

Land Ownership Type: State-owned. Bordering National Parks

Type of Hunting: Rifle & bow


Bushbuck: Harnessed
Buffalo: Forest
Buffalo: Other
Duiker: Blue
Duiker: Bay
Duiker: Bush
Duiker: Peter’s
Duiker: Red-flanked
Duiker: Yellow-Backed
Duiker: Other
Eland: Lord Derby
Hartebeest: Other
Hog: Giant Forest
Hog: Red River
Hyena: Spotted
Kob: West African
Reedbuck: Bohor
Waterbuck: Other

General trophy comments: Our eland record is 55 inches, our bongo 38 inches.

Distance to the closest tar road: 2h

Closest international airport and distance: Douala, Savannah: Garoua 4h. Forest: from Douala a charter flight of about 3h

Closest medical facility: 4h

Can passing vehicle lights be seen or heard? No

Closest air strip and distance: Forest: Lokomo 4h

Important features of your lodge or camp: Nice and comfortable bungalows

Safari Vehicles: 4×4 Toyota, Land cruiser. Total for hunting (open) and transfer hunters (closed) about 15

Professional Hunters

Hervé Houdebine

Guav Johnson

Daniel Moore

Dustin van Staden

Last comments

As a reference, Mayo Oldiri is happy to name very famous international hunters such as Peter Flack, Craig Boddington, Jim Shockey, Mike Rogers, Bela Hidvegi, Dennis Campbell on our list of clients, as well as Weatherby award winners such as Federico Sada, Hector Cuellar, Jose Madrazo, Alexander Egorov and others. We take it as a sign of trust from our clients that Antonio Reguera received the 2013 SCI’s Outstanding International Professional Hunter of the Year Award.