Regional Names

Afrikaans: Koedoe French: Grand koudou
German: Großkudu Portuguese: Kudu
Nama: Xaib Shangaan: Nhongo
Sotho: Thôlô Spanish: Cudu Mayor
Shona: Nhoro Swahili: Tandala
Tswana: thôlô Xhosa: iQhudi
Zulu: Umgankla
Average Body Dimensions Trophy Dimensions
Average male mass: 551 lb (250 kg) Rowland Ward Minimum: 53⅞” (137cm) : Method-8
Average shoulder height: 4.6’-5.1’ (1,4-1,55m) Rowland Ward Record: 73⅞” (185,5cm)
Spoor size front: 2.6” (67mm) SCI Minimum (Rifle): 121 / SCI Record (Rifle): 158⁶⁄₈ : Method-2
Spoor size rear: 2.2” (56mm) SCI Minimum (Bow): 108 / SCI Record (Bow) – 149⁶⁄₈


Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique*, Namibia*, South Africa*, Tanzania, Zaire, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
* Top trophy destinations


Herds average 3-10 animals, temporary larger at times. Herd consists of cows and young often accompanied by an adult bull. Bulls circulate freely through the year whether outside of or during rut. Bulls often are solitary but may form into short-lived bachelor groups. Mainly diurnal, but can become nocturnal as well under pressure.

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Hunting tips

Check on eastern slopes in early morning during cold spells as they sun themselves. They retract into thickets for shade at midday. Hunt slowly and search at about 7’-8’ for horns glinting in light. In bush areas shots are generally taken at ranges shorter than 75 yards. In open savannah it can be up to 150 yards.

Sexual Differentiation

Males have horns. Females are hornless and smaller.

Habitat & Food

Woodland savannah with preference for Acacia woodland and broken hills near water, but extends into arid areas along watercourses and where thickets occur. Prefers Acacia trees and bushes but eat mopane and grass when required.

Rifle and Cartridge Recommendations

Bolt Action Rifles: Any decent bolt action rifle will do. So will single shot rifles.

Double Rifles:There is no need for a double rifle when kudu hunting

Bullets: Opt for premium bonded core bullets if muzzle velocities exceed about 2,700 fps (±825 ms).

Typical Cartridges:

.270 Winchester 150-gr bullets
7mm-08 Remington 150-gr bullets
7 x 64mm Brenneke 160-gr bullets
7mm Remington Magnum 175-gr bullets
.308 Winchester 180-gr bullets
.30-06 Springfield 200-gr bullets
.300 Winchester Magnum 220-gr bullets
.303 British 215-gr bullets
8 x 57 / 60 mm Mauser 223-gr bullets
.318 Westley Richards 250-gr bullets
.338-06 A-Square 275-gr bullets
.338 Winchester Magnum 275-gr bullets
.35 Whelen 250-gr bullets?
9,3 x 62mm Mauser 286-gr bullets
.375 Ruger / H&H Magnum 300-gr bullets

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