Hello Richard,

My name is Chris Chimits, an American with an intense love of all things African. I’m an architect and I like drawing, but not writing. After receiving my Spring, 2018 AHG magazine, I am compelled to write you to express how much I value your magazine. Being an American, I fully understand our world view of African animals, having been raised by Walt Disney’s movies like Lion King. Your magazine does such a good job of shining a more accurate light on African reality. I especially enjoy how each magazine focuses on a specific animal and provides such an abundance of facts and information about the particular species. In the Spring 2018 edition, there is a story titled Gideon, written by Jofie Lamprecht, which chronicles a buffalo hunt with an older client. Beyond the hunting story is a much better story about a remarkable friendship that transcends skin color. Our country has suffered, and is currently suffering badly from racism. This story of friendship and respect goes a long way towards developing a better way to live. Just reading it makes me want to book a hunt with Mr Lamprecht so I, too, could experience such a hunt with the man Gideon. I love your magazine and am committed to subscribing to it.

With highest regards,

Chris Chimits

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