Dear Richard,

My heartiest congratulations on your Fair Chase editorial in the Spring 2018 issue of the AHG. You have hit the nail right on the head. How in Heaven’s name will the pro-hunting fraternity of the world ever win out when they can’t even agree among themselves? We have the same situations right here in the good old USA, of course. Ranch-raised elk are are banned here in Wyoming, and our next door neighbor, Montana, and most hunting groups pat themselves on their backs and take a holier-than-thou attitude on those who have no problems with breeding and raising elk, deer, and a host of other game in enclosed areas. As you note, it’s all in how the hunting is conducted on enclosed areas that counts. For many hunters, the numerous large hunting ranches in Texas (and other states) offer opportunities they could never hope to achieve on unfenced lands for a variety of reasons.Thanks for an excellent, informative treatise on a subject which needs to be carefully considered by all those who hunt, regardless of their weapon of choice.


George Gehrman