Tragelaphus eurycerus




Large and stocky with overall coat colour of reddish-brown, although males tend to be darker. Between 10 and 16 vertical, narrow, white stripes on each side from shoulder to rump and pale to white chevron on face. Two white spots located on each side of face and there is a white band across lower throat. Legs have contrasting and white markings. Short, brown and white-banded crest extends from shoulder to rump. Tail well-haired and tufted towards tip. Both sexes carry robust, shallowly spiralled horns but those of bull heavier and longer. Two subspecies are recognized, the mountain or eastern bongo (T. e. isaaci) and the lowland or western bongo (T. e. eurycerus).


Occurs widely in tropical forests of DR Congo, extending into southern CAR, Cameroon, Congo Brazzaville and Gabon. Has patchy range in West Africa where it occurs in low numbers. It can be legally hunted in the CAR and Cameroon.


Dense forests and secondary growth forest in both lowland and highland areas. On Mount and in the Aberdares use bamboo thickets adjacent to montane forest. They frequent clearings in forest.


Total length: 2.5-2.6 m (8.2‘-8.5‘)
Tail: 25-28cm (9.8”-11”)
Shoulder Height: 1.25 m (4.1‘)
Weight: Male 300 kg (661 lb)
            Female 240 kg (529 lb)