Hunting areas are in the far north savannah woodland – generally fairly thick thorn bush – where the game is pure Central Africa. Primary trophies include western roan, western hartebeest, Sing Sing waterbuck, West African savannah buffalo, harnessed bushbuck, western kob, red-flanked duiker, and West African bush duiker. Note that the reedbucks in Benin are identified as Nagor reedbuck, giving Benin an indigenous rarity not readily hunted elsewhere. Benin offers a true, general-bag hunt, with the large-bodied, heavy-horned western roan fairly plentiful, along with good populations of the other species. Lion are not particularly plentiful and, although large in body, are not known for big manes. Baiting is not allowed, which makes lion hunting problematic, but lions are on licence and a few are taken every year. This offers easily the most affordable opportunity for lion on the African continent today.
The hunting is not easy. Larger animals like buffalo and roan are tracked. Smaller animals are often located by still-hunting through likely habitat – expect lots of walking and expect it to be hot. January and February are the cooler months, though warm; March and April are brutally hot, with midday temperatures well over 100º F. The outfitters provide well-appointed and well-supplied camps and, in the course of two-week safaris (standard in Benin), most hunters are successful in taking six or seven good trophies. Benin is emerging as an increasingly interesting destination, true C.A.R. hunting, yet affordable, with a fine selection of very good trophies.

Established: 1975 (People’s Republic of Benin); Republic of Benin, 1990-present.
Formerly: Dahomey (French)
Area: 112,620km²
Population: 7.9 million (2007)
Primary Access: Commercial air, Cotonou; by road from Burkina Faso
Elevation: Low: sea level (Atlantic Coast)
High: 658 m (Atacora Mountains)
Average: 200 m
Language: French (official)
Currency: CFA (Central African Franc).
1 CFA = .0022 USD (July 2009)
Hunting Season: January-April
Firearms Permit: Required in advance
(outfitter will arrange); two allowed.