Game Animals of the World

Title: Book Review Game Animals of the World

Author: Chris and Mathilde Stuart

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Game Animals of the World


Chris and Mathilde Stuart

African sunsets do not linger. Measly seconds exist between comfortable shooting light and pitch black darkness that is better suited for a hunting leopard. But right on cue my first wild gray duiker oozed from the Raisin bush and cautiously stepped out into the rapidly fading yellow, red, and beige pastels of the Kalahari Desert. I saw what certainly appeared to be a slim profile of horn and whispered to professional hunter, Wayne Cilliers, “Is he a shooter?” Wayne exhaled a disappointed sigh, “It’s a ewe, not a ram.” Chagrinned over my blunder, I hung up my bow and was left with nothing more to do than watch the animal anxiously dip her muzzle into the waterhole. More experienced hunters of the Dark Continent know that female duikers possess a tall tuft of hair between the ears that to me appeared short and hornlike in the oncoming darkness. A more careful review of an outstanding volume such as Game Animals of the World would have certainly prevented my greenhorn mistake. Retribution accompanied by far better identification skills fortunately arrived several nights later and a trophy duiker ram now adorns my den.

Despite my embarrassing duiker gaffe, I honestly labor to be a student of the natural world. I have grown to adopt the notion that the only stupid question is the one that is not asked. That being said, there is no excuse for the bowman not to become an amateur naturalist whether hunting at home or abroad. Game Animals of the World will thoroughly school the traveling hunter with an abundant glut of knowledge on game species here or abroad.

Much ground has been covered, and in some cases fairly trampled, regarding trophy species available in North America and Africa. Game Animals of the World by its very title must include the animals of those popular continents. However, in this 330 page volume the authors also allow us to romp across South America, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. A complete perusal of this book will arm the traveling hunter with a comprehensive tutorial on both the well-known and the seldom addressed huntable species.

For bowhunters, the trophy is in the eye of the beholder. One’s Holy Grail may be an Argali sheep but for another it may be a wolverine. Delightfully, this is both the relevance and intrigue of Game Animals of the World. No single species is given marquee status although for the reader’s ease of navigation the authors obligingly divide the book between major and minor huntable species. While giving the Greater Kudu all the respect it rightfully deserves, a hunt for the Gray Ghost opens the door to appreciate the lesser known species that may very well tempt the archer to draw his bow such as caracal, steenbok, or jackal.

I found Game Animals of the World to be quite user friendly. Each species has two pages devoted to its basic physical description, geographic range and map, favored habitats, behavior, and preferred food sources. A sidebar includes its name in four languages along with these germane statistics: age of maturity, weight, height, longevity, gestation, number of young and rutting seasons. A generous number of quality photographs are supplied allowing the reader to study the physical appearance of both male and female specimens. Examples of tracks are included which are helpful to not just the solo hunter at home but also for those who dare to shadow competent trackers abroad.

A clearly defined shot placement diagram is displayed for each species. Therein is found the only weakness of this volume regarding its practicality to the hunting archer. Although a heartshot on a javelina is applicable for bow and rifle hunters, a frontal shot on a Cape buffalo is not. Rifle calibers and ammunition are also recommended. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see suggested arrow weights and broadhead selections in such a volume? However, bowhunters are and forevermore will be the minority of hunters so it comes as no surprise that this book and others of its kind favor the rifleman. This minor critique should in no way dissuade bowhunters from acquiring Game Animals of the World. The extraordinary amount of information contained within certainly compensates for its nod to the gun hunter.

Contained within the book’s index-beside each animal’s name-are found both the Rowland Ward and Safari Club International minimum scores for that particular species. For those interested in above average head gear or skull size at the conclusion of a successful hunt these numbers are a useful point of reference. The introduction of Game Animals of the World presents a reasonable case to promote the pursuit of trophy animals while never compromising respect for the game and the process of ethical hunting. Bowmen should find their own quantum of solace in the book’s dedication-

“To all the real hunters of the world

to whom the chase is of the essence,

and more important than the result.

To whom the well-being of nature

supersedes personal exaltation.”

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African Dangerous Game Cartridges

This highly acclaimed and definitive title that has been receiving rave reviews on internet hunting and shooting forums was written by a retired South African professional hunter. It introduces a number of novel and revolutionary concepts that deviate from traditional perceptions. It is a coffee table quality product that contains more than 400 full colour images supporting the author’s views as well as excellent high-speed photography of bullets during the terminal phase. This encyclopaedic title is split in two sections that cover the following topics:

Part 1 – ±134 pages in hard copy version

Definitions, descriptions and classifications
Double and bolt actions features and comparisons
Recoil and recoil management
Dangerous game sights and optics
Bullet behaviour and terminal ballistics of softs and solids
Handloading dangerous game cartridges
The most comprehensive burning rate chart ever – also distinguishing between extruded, flake and ball powders for the first time.

Part 2 – ±346 pages in hard copy version

Detailed discussions of the dimensional and technical specs, history, characteristics, performance and handloading of dangerous game cartridges including over 2,500 handloads for Accurate, ADI, Alliant, Hodgdon, Lovex, IMR, Norma, Ramshot, Rottweil, Somchem, Vectan,Vihtavuori and Winchester powders.
Cartridges covered are the 9,3×62, 9,3×64 9,3x74mmR, 9,5×56, .375 Flanged H&H, .376 Steyr, .375 H&H Magnum, .375 Ruger, .375 Dakota, .375 and .378 Wby Magnums, .375 RUM, .450/400 NE, .400 H&H Belted, .416 Taylor, .416 Rem Mag, .500/416 NE, .416 Rigby, .416 Wby Mag, 10,75×68, .404 Jeffery, .425 WR, 11,2×72, .577/450, .45-70, .450 NE, ..450 No2, .458 Win Mag, .458 Lott/Watts, .458 Express 3”, .458 African, .460 G&A, .450 Rigby Rimless, .450 Dakota, .460 Wby Mag, .500/465, .470 NE, .470 Capstick, .475 No.2, .505 Gibbs, .500 NE, .500 Jeffery, .510 Wells, .500 A-Square, .577 NE, .585 Nyati, .600 NE.

Reader Reviews – African Dangerous Game Cartridges

It has been many years since I have cracked open a book written about a subject that parallels my profession that contained such extremely well thought out content matter. I am most impressed by your desire to walk into the 21st century while combining the best from the past with the advancements of modern technology. For the past week I have fired up the kettle at dawn before the rest of the house begins to stir, sat down with a hot cup of coffee and read one chapter before going to the shop. This book should be a must read for anyone that has any serious interest in the subject. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this book. It is excellent in every respect.

D’Arcy Echols, Master gunmaker – Millville, Utah, USA

You can take all the other books you have on you bookshelf about African rifles and cartridges and throw the whole lot in the trash. This publication will replace all of them and more! It covers every possible aspect of African cartridges, calibres, ammunition, bullets, optics and a whole lot more that any firearms enthusiast, handloader or hunter with any interest in the dark continent could ever possibly want to know. It is, quite simply, the most informative, comprehensive, understandable and entertaining book of its sort ever written. I have no doubt whatsoever that it will become the benchmark publication against which all others are measured.

Steve Robinson, Retired African Outfitter – Figueiro dos Vinhos, Portugal

I was on holiday last week and could read The Book from cover to cover. What a sum!

Y.Parmentier, France

I purchased the African Dangerous Game Cartridges book from Safari Press. Outstanding reference!!!! Best book of its kind I have ever found.

Loren Killam, Oregon, USA

The book is really quite some publication. The author has done a really first rate job of writing. The book itself is very nicely done….excellently bound and finished. I am 100% satisfied with the purchase and the service. Thank you.

Bill Smith – US Army

I am still fascinated by the book and learn something new whenever I read in it. It definitely stimulated my thinking again and some statements I will need to investigate further as they certainly topple my line of thought. A master piece!

Jürgen Hoffmann – Windhoek, Namibia

I wanted to let you know that I received my copy of African Dangerous Game Cartridges that was included with your recent subscription offer. I’m simply staggered at the wealth of knowledge and information in this book. … I’m even willing to forgive some of the comments on .45-70 and no mention of my beloved Shiloh Sharps. This book may be the highlight of my month. Well done!

Jim Kitchen, Minnesota, USA

Just got mine this week and must say that it’s a fantastic read! I would heartily recommend this book to all serious dangerous game hunters.

Use Enough Gun – France

I have recently received my copy of this delightful, coffee table sized book, close to 5 lbs with many, many great pictures of fine rifles, hunting shots and of course interesting people book. It is simply fantastic for new or old Dangerous Game Hunters! I have been fortunate enough to visit the Dark Continent 10 times and 15 separate safaris … and this book has still been very enlightening to say the least. The book critics are calling this book a potential sequel to John Taylor’s African Rifles and Cartridges…I would add ‘on steroids’ with all of the color pictures and loading data! I thought y’all might enjoy this book as I am…and not to be missed. It goes far beyond any other book presently available on African Dangerous Game hunting-guns and ammo!

Steve Schull, USA in African Hunting Forums

African Dangerous Game Cartridges is one of the finest books I have the pleasure to possess. It surpasses Pondoro’s in quality and equals Keith’s both in experience and observation while surpassing his in the technical basis for the conclusions made. The discussion on VC was new to me and I intend to apply it to my own interests. In my opinion, this book ranks with the best of Burrard’s, Keith’s, O’Connor’s, Sell’s and Wright’s. Keep up the fine research, writing and publishing. I look forward to more from my newest favorite author.

Ted Bartke – Wyoming, USA

Congratulations with the publication of your beautiful book African Dangerous Game Cartridges. I have now had an opportunity to go through it and it is a truly impressive product. The human element you provide by means of photos and captions on every page is a really excellent idea which makes the book even more interesting.

Dr. Willie Barnard – Limpopo Province, RSA

For all big game hunters and firearms enthusiasts this new book, African Dangerous Game Cartridges by Pierre van der Walt, is an absolute ‘must’. Most of us know and enjoy John ‘Pondoro’ Taylor’s wonderful treatise, African Rifles and Cartridges, so there is a comparison to be made. Pierre’s book does not contain as many hunting tales, but with 48 big bore cartridges described and a vast amount of information presented for each, it far surpasses Pondoro’s great book in that respect. Furthermore, there are many chapters on technical aspects of bullet weights and configuration, reloading, iron and optical sights and much more. Each calibre has tables of loading data covering every conceivable brand of powder and bullet weight and the icing on the cake are the photographs, hundreds of them! No other book comes close to carrying this amount of useful and interesting knowledge on big bore cartridges.

Richard Harland – Harare, Zimbabwe

I simply can’t put African Dangerous Game Cartridges down. I’m more than happy with what I got. As for my own shooting, I regularly shoot a .375 H&H and .416 Rem Mag. I also guide in Alaska and these are my brown bear medicine.

Eric Berger – Indianapolis, USA

I found African Dangerous Game Cartridges an extremely good read and very informative. Nearly all books on rifles and cartridges are American and while generally very good, I feel they suffer from the reluctance of US authors to criticize were necessary due to sponsorship / advertising requirements. I find the author of African Dangerous Game Cartridges’ comments a refreshing change. My only criticism is it was sometimes difficult to tie in some of the tables with the text without rereading the relevant section.

Ian Townsin – Southampton, UK

The book is fantastic.

Jim Anderson – Pierre, South Dakota, USA

Your book is an absolute masterpiece and something you can justly be very, very proud of! I was unable to put it down since I received my copy yesterday.

Marinus van Sandwyk – Gauteng, RSA

As an avid hunter who has been fortunate to hunt Africa several times, your reference book is hands down the single best book on African calibers and rifles I have ever read! I had a signed copy that I ended up giving to a very good friend for Christmas. That is why I want to purchase a replacement copy soon, as I usually looked at your book every evening!

Beechard McConnel – USA

I have thoroughly enjoyed the book African Dangerous Game Cartridges. It’s very informative and well written.

Robert Peterson – Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA

The Best of African Hunting Gazette

Each story included has been hand-picked by editor, Brooke ChilversLubin, who spent the best part of 2012 sifting and selecting the very best to achieve that magic spread of big-game excitement and plains-game gratitude for elusive trophy species.

This one of a kind book has no adverts, just a wonderful collection of the finest hunting stories and beautiful imagery – a real collector’s item to cherish forever.

A limited number will be produced; only 1000 signed, leather-bound copies are available; and if you think the magazine is impressive – this book will seriously blow you away.

By preserving our hunting history, we’ve made hunting history. For no other book on the market – ever – has brought together so many fine words and images of our beloved hunting Mecca – Africa

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Africa’s Legendary Professional Hunters

From the home of big-game hunting and, undoubtedly, the home of the original safari, Africa’€™s Legendary Professional Hunters has a story to tell. With contributions from this elite group of professionals, each with 30-plus years amounting to more than 120 000 hunting days in the African veld, there has never been a book quite like this. Twenty-six professional hunting careers, 312 full-color pages, and with the quality that you have come to expect when brought to you by the publishers of Africa’s finest hunting magazine, the African Hunting Gazette

African Indaba 13-01

One of the premier magazines on African safaris and hunting, the African Hunting Gazette has spared no efforts to collect, edit and finally publish the stories of 26 elite African professional hunters on 312 action packed pages with full color photos. The high-end quality of the book is in line with the excellence readers of the African Hunting Gazette are accustomed to from every issue of this fine magazine. Names like Robin Hurt, Rudy Lubin, Nassos Roussos, John Sharp, Franz Coupé, Simon Evans, Johan Calitz, Lou Hallamore and their 18 other colleagues evoke the golden era of African safari hunting. Their stories span the lengths and breadth of the continent – from the desert regions of the Sahel zone to the misty mountains of Ethiopia; from the steaming rain forests of central Africa to the classic safari countries Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, and the rise of the southern African safari destinations after Kenya closed in 1977. These are the stories of professionals who dedicated their entire lives to the pursuit of their passion and helped countless visiting hunters from all over the world to the fulfilment of dreams…

Gerhard R Damm