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23.4 AHG

ZEISS unveils its newest and ultimate binocular laser rangefinder, Made in Germany, the Victory RF.  The family consists of four configurations: 8 x 42, 10 x 42, 8 x 54, and 10 x 54.  All models have the ranging capability of 16-2500 yards, are Bluetooth® enabled, and sync to the ZEISS Hunting App.

ZEISS’s B.I.S.® II technology of incorporates an on-board ballistic calculator and environmental sensors, which ensures exact data output.  This data can include shooting angle, temperature, and air pressure. The internal ballistic solver then yields an appropriate “shoot to” range solution.  With one press of the button, the LED displays range, angle, equivalent horizontal distance, and holdover values.

The Victory RF models not only represents ZEISS’s super-premium product in this category, but also establishes a resounding and definitive new standard for all future laser rangefinder binoculars.  Innovative design, advanced performance, and smart connectivity to the digital world provides the foundational development parameters of the all-new Victory RF models.  Retail pricing begins at $3,249.99.  Learn more at