Unparalleled Luck on Lion

Tanzania: 1990s
Unparalleled Luck on Lion
By PH Erik van Eckhardt

Early in the 1990s, I was hunting in the Moyowosi Game Reserve in western Tanzania when my Norwegian friend and client, Harold, flew into this paradise on earth, carrying a brand-new Sako Safari rifle, chambered in .375 H&H Magnum.

Clown Princes of the Veld

Namibia: 2011
Clown Princes of the Veld
By Mick Chapman

“Clown Princes of the veld” – a moniker that so befits the black wildebeest or white-tailed gnu of Africa. Characters with little inhibition, that go about their daily life, prancing over the veld, kicking up their heels, spinning, twisting, pig-rooting, dropping their heads, and charging their companions. In herds from 10 to several hundred, their playful behavior could well be a charade to mask an extremely intelligent and challenging species to hunt.

Not for the Faint-Hearted – Hunting Bushpig in the Eastern Cape

South Africa: 2014
Not for the Faint-Hearted – Hunting Bushpig in the Eastern Cape
By Kim Gattone

It was a calm, cool morning, wet with dew, the low-lying fog quickly evaporating in the rising sun.

These are perfect conditions for scent dogs and, sure enough, the strike dog Blue, was already “giving tongue” from the back of the truck before his feet ever hit the ground!

Blue is an older, three-legged bluetick hound; he’d lost that leg in a close encounter with a bushpig, and is a better dog on three legs than many are on four! Blue, leased to a houndsman, bayed the pigs in their nest. Unfortunately, the pigs “broke their nerve” quickly and scattered rather than holding up.

My Macnam Macnab

Namibia: 2014
My Macnam Macnab
By Ken Bailey

There’s something familiar and reassuring about waking to the early-morning call of Cape turtledoves. That three-chord note immediately reminds me that I’m back in Africa. That Africa gets into the blood and stirs your soul is as true and resonant as the Dark Continent’s cooing doves. This was my fourth safari, but my first in Namibia, and I awoke that first morning at Aru Game Lodge’s Kalakwa camp with the same feeling I’d experienced the first time more than 25 years earlier. The excitement of Africa never wanes.

Zululand Monarch

South Africa: 2014 Zululand Monarch By John Mattera

“All the really big elephants are gone.” How often do we hear that?

My day job is searching for shipwrecks of a bygone era, so I’m accustomed to skeptical forecasts of men who also tell me, “All the great shipwrecks have already been discovered.”

Biggest Is Not Always Best – An African Lesson

Namibia: 2012

Biggest Is Not Always Best – An African Lesson

By Donald Roxby

I’ve made a number of African plains-game safaris over the years. After each trip, a short period of satisfaction is followed by a sudden longing to go back.

One evening as I watched a colorful sunset, I started daydreaming about the red sands of Africa and the many friends I’ve made there. I could almost feel the fingers of the Dark Continent reaching out to draw me back. I went inside and asked my wife Denise if she was ready to return. Her answer was immediate – she looked me in the eye and said, “Let’s start planning.”

Bushpigs By Moonlight

Zimbabwe: Yesteryear
Bushpigs By Moonlight
By Doctari

My book, “It Shouldn’t Happen,” contains four stories: Being Dumb, Even Dumber, Dumber Still, and Dumbest Yet. This incident also qualifies.

In the early 1980s my wife Catherine and I purchased Halstead, our Zimbabwean farm. With it came a small herd of six very wild and spookish sable antelope. Halstead lies in Mashonaland West, just outside the one-horse town of Karoi (now Chinoyi), and those of you who have ever driven from Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, to either Lake Kariba or the nearby Zambezi Valley that lies beyond Makuti and Marongora will have passed through it. The area is described as miombo woodland and it is prime agricultural country with reliable rainfall, good soils, and an almost perfect climate.

The Shortest and Most Amazing Kudu Hunt – Ever!

Namibia: 2014 The Shortest and Most Amazing Kudu Hunt – Ever! By PH Kirk de Bod Late one evening, not too long ago, I received a phone call. The caller had a very distinguished “Queen’s English” accent.

He immediately started telling me about all about his African experiences, multiple kudu hunts all over Africa, and three times to the C.A.R., walking for a total of 63 days to get the Lord Derby eland and bongo trophies he was seeking. While he continued rambling on about his wanderings throughout Africa, I thought to myself, “This guy I have on my hands looks like he’s very picky and specific about his desire for ‘the ultimate kudu hunt.’”

Abraham’s Grin, By Brian Gallup

South Africa: 2013
  Abraham’s Grin
  By Brian Gallup
  I'd hunted South Africa before, but this was my first Cape buffalo hunt and I was excited…

It was early spring and the morning was perfect. Laughing doves were calling all around us, and the bush was thick and green in the morning light. The sun had filled the meadows with warmth but hadn’t yet reached the deep shadows under the acacia trees.